Tunas Sakti Group has several manufacturing companies, including PT. Sidoardjo Universal Metal Works which handles the production, distribution and sales of various products such as nails, and flat cables for armored cables. And also PT. Tunas Kreasi Maju Unggul Sakti which handles the production of LED lights with good quality and can be applied to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


One of the businesses undertaken by the shooter group to open opportunities to add economic value includes the export-import and distribution sector, in order to find its market in Indonesia. We have 8 branch companies throughout Indonesia.


Tunas Sakti Group entered the property sector to strengthen Tunas Sakti Group’s value chain business in 2013. The first project was the construction of Blastema Serpong Mansion and Office Buildings in Talang Betutu.


Tunas Sakti Group also has a company that offers services in the field of sports, namely Tangkas Sports Centre which has good facilities and is also the largest sports facility in West Jakarta.